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The Lille Zoo

The Lille Zoo, the Nature in the heart of the City

Located in the heart of the city, near the ramparts of the Citadelle Vauban, just 15 minutes by car from our hotel Le Morphée, the Zoological Park of Lille is a real natural break for you.

With about one hundred animal species, the zoo presents 6 large thematic areas, including the brand new Sous les Tropiques (under the Tropics) tropical area, a huge 750 m² birdcage culminating at a height of 10 m. You can admire ibises, herons, terns, armadillos, and many others species, in total immersion.

Don't miss the spaces Autour du Monde (around the World) with small mammals and birds from Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania, Voyage Exotique (exotic travel) that has many mammals, reptiles and even a nursery, Terres d’Afrique (African lands), with zebras, white rhinoceros and cute porcupines, Excursion Sud-Américaine (South American excursion) with wolves, tapirs and capybaras, and D’Ile en Ile (From island to island) that presents many monkeys, turtles and large birds like the white pelican and the great cormorant.

The Lille Zoo also organises many educational activities, birthdays with treasure hunts, and backstage visits with the handling/feeding of some animals with professional caretakers.


You will never forget this amazing experience!

Zoo de Lille
avenue Mathias Delobel
59000 Lille
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