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Our 2 favorite escape games in Lille

You are in Lille, and you don't know what to do if it rains?

We have the solution to your question!

Our team offers you to share its little secrets, in case of rainy weather (or not!).

Here are their 2 favorite escape games, located in Lille:

1. The ultimate Braderie, at Escape Hunt

Take part in this escape game, designed around the city of Lille and its history.
What is the theme of this game?
Imagine yourself, strolling in the middle of the famous braderie of Lille, when suddenly, you find yourself alone in the world.
What has happened?
The fate of the city of Lille and its inhabitants is in your hands... Save Lille from an imminent total destruction!
We love:
Being able to choose between two versions:
The easy scenario (for beginners and younger players),
The confirmed scenario (for more experienced detectives).
The settings: it really feels like the Lille of yesteryear.

For more information & reservations:


2. The Blue Castle Prison, at the John Doe

What is the theme of this game?
Set in the 20th century, in the creepiest prison environment, become an undercover agent and solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Agent Donovan and the voluntary incarceration of an inmate.
What is the connection between these two men? Where has Donovan gone? Why hasn't the inmate been released from Blue Castle?
So many mysteries to be solved as soon as possible, if you don't want to experience life in the bottom of a miserable cell.
We love:
The staging and the period furniture, carefully chosen by the John Doe, to put us in the atmosphere of the game, throughout the session.

For more information & reservations:

So, are you ready to live a new experience, full of emotions, sensations and laughter?

Maybe you will discover a new passion?

Don't wait any longer and book your stay at the Morphée hotel, and take the opportunity to participate in one of the best or first escape games of your summer!

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