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Top 3 of our culinary specialties in Lille

Want to discover our specialties from Lille?

This article is made for you!
The idea of our team is to make you discover the good addresses of the Lille through some local restaurants... Each expert in a speciality of Lille.
So let us charm you and make your mouth water!

The Potjevleesch

What is this dish?
You will find a delicious cold mixture of chicken, veal, pork and rabbit pieces, frozen in a lightly vinegarized jelly, all served with homemade fries.
Our favorite address: the restaurant "L'gaiette"
Distance from our hotel: 10 km

The Carbonade

What is this dish?
Particularly appreciated in our region, it is similar to beef bourguignon, accompanied by beer of course, and homemade fries! A real treat for your taste buds!
Our favorite address: the restaurant "Estaminet des Trolls et des Petits Lutins"
In addition to offering you a tasty cuisine, this restaurant invites you to travel in time, in a room with a medieval atmosphere. To perfect the whole, many board games are at your disposal for a moment of fun with your friends and family!
Distance from our hotel: 12 km

The Welsh

What is this dish?
From the North, this dish of Welsh origin is composed of a good dose of cheddar melted with beer, mustard and ham, served on a slice of toasted bread. All baked in the oven.
A must of the northern gastronomy!
Our favorite address: Le George V
A real UFO, this tobacco bar hides the best welshs of the city! Very famous in Lille, a lot of people from Lille have made it their canteen!
Its big plus? The prices offered are unbeatable, enough to please your stomach, but also your wallet!
Distance from our hotel: 9 km

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